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Hello Support,

I need a solution, We are using external authorisation and send it to the Line Manager Email address.  But in some of our users in Hornbill has no Line Manager assigned. So my question is can i send it in this case to the IT Manager for example? This mean i have to put an optional email address to the node. if that could be possible it would be fine for us. Hope that make sense to you.


Best regards



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Once you have the Line Manager Email Address, test this is valid.

If it is, branch to the External Authorisation Node as normal.

If not, branch to a separate External Authorisation Node which is set to mail the IT Manager.

The Authorise/Reject/Expired branches can converge to the same actions or take their own paths as appropriate.

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There are a few ways to do this, the simplest is probably to add a Decision Node after Get Line Manager Email Address and have a branch for
&[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["email"]] is not set
which will test for an empty email - this goes to the the IT Manager Authorisation, and a
No Match
Which goes to the Line Manager Authorisation.

Note: This simple version relies on the Line Manager's email being either correct or empty.

Also, in the Get Line Manager Email Address node it would be worth ensuring that the Result Reference is unique to ensure that variable isn't incorrectly populated elsewhere in the workflow.

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