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Intelligent Capture Branch Node - Incorrect Configuration Error when No Match is absent


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I have received calls from colleagues describing problems raising requests in self service today, stating that they are seeing an error:

The Intelligent Capture flow has reached a point that does not have any forward path. This generally means the Intelligent Capture flow is incorrectly configured and needs to be corrected. Please contact your Hornbill administrator who will be able to resolve this issue.

I have looked at the affected capture and it is not in error. The capture has a mandatory question followed by a list of options and each option has its corresponding branch where follow up questions are asked.

The capture does not have a no match option which would be redundant as the list of options are known and all included in their own branches.

I have checked the Wiki and can find nowhere that states that a no match branch is mandatory:



Furthermore, the intelligent capture page shows no error or warning indicating that any such error should occur for the users.

It seems that self service has been changed to warn of problems if the user were to click next, when a question is mandatory and is unanswered the next button is absent so there is no need to show an error.

If the question had not been mandatory then it would be correct to show an error message but only after clicking next, not before.

Your help is appreciated.

Kind regards




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I have been advised that a patch has been applied that should fix this however the problem has changed rather than been resolved.

Now I no longer see the invalid error message if I go to a mandatory question without an option highlighted but if I click anywhere other than one of the options the error returns.

The only instance where this would be a valid error would be if there is a non mandatory question with no 'no match' branch defined and the user were to click next.

A mandatory question should flag to the user that they must select an answer rather than erroneously telling the user the system has not been configured incorrectly.

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