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New FAQ's not appearing in search on the Employee Portal (all or specific domains)


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Good afternoon,

I have created some new FAQ's this afternoon, but they are not appearing when I carry out a search in all search widgets in the Employee Portal.

No new FAQ's have been added recently so I don't know when this issue started, but the existing ones all show when searching, even those in the same Service as the ones I created today. I can view the new FAQs within the Service itself or if I create a direct link to it (that was tricky as heck, but I managed it), but they are simply not appearing in the search using the any of the words in the title.

Please can someone advise? Is this something to do with indexing? maybe it isn't adding FAQ's the search index when they are created and published, or maybe this doesn't take place straight away? (well, so far, it's been 15 minutes and still nothing).

Just to reiterate:

  1. Yes, the FAQ is published
  2. Other FAQs in the Service are visible in the search, not the new ones
  3. I can access the FAQ's when viewing the Service directly, and so can others.
  4. I can get to the new FAQ's using a direct link, and so can others.



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Hi @Steve Giller,

I can confirm that the new FAQs still haven't appeared in the Search widget, other ones do but these ones have been on there for a while already.

The new FAQs are still accessible within the Service when navigating manually.



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