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Assigned Team not Auto-Populating


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Afternoon All,

I am currently working on our Problem Management process and am struggling to do what I would hope to be quite a basic pass-through. My BPM is using an Automation to set the Assigned Team:


However, when I raise a new Problem, the Team is neither populated on the assignment tab, nor is it selectable from the dropdown list, even though it is set, as you can see from the Information panel:


I am anticipating that I have missed something simple, or I have not set the Problem Management Team up correctly. Any assistance would be welcomed?



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Hi @Osman

From your screen grab I can see that the assignment to the Problem Management team from within the BPM has worked.



On the Assignment action, the drop down for teams will only show teams that support the service.  In this case, the problem record is associated to the Business Applications service.  So the first thing to check for is if the Problem Management Team are set as a team that supports the Business Application service.

For example...



Let us know if that helps.



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