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Manage Snippets in the Action screens to contain same options as Manage Snippets in the Email screen

Paul Chambers

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When composing a new email in the email screen, the user has the option to 'Manage Snippets'


There are additional options in this screen and you can embed images within the snippet, which are not available when managing snippets in the action screens:


Below shows the options available when selecting to Manage Snippets in one of the Action screens on a request:


Could the same options be made available in the Action screens ?

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Hi @Steve Giller
Thanks for the quick response.
For consistency when sending emails, It will be useful if the email action screen could work in the same way as the email screen, and then format the text in the timeline.
When setting up a snippet in the email action screen, these could then be available in the email screen, and a check could be done to ensure that the snippet cannot be made available in the update/resolution action section of a request.
The main problem our users experience is not being able to embed images in snippets in the email action screen but they can do this when setting up a snippet in the email screen.

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