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Anomaly in the User database? Archived Basic User still a 'ghost' in their Teams


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In our workflow, a leaver has their active directory account disabled which triggers the service manager account to be archived and the workflow also sets them to a basic user to remove the licence.

When I look at the organisations that user is in, all of the teams they were part of are still listed and yet when I open each of those teams individually, the users name is not there.

So the user record appears to retain a "ghost" list of the teams they used to be in. I think this is NOT quite right and should be looked at.

User record lists the teams:





But when I open those teams, there is no mention of the user's name (of course, they are Basic Users now and cannot be assigned requests).


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  • Berto2002 changed the title to Anomaly in the User database? Archived Basic User still a 'ghost' in their Teams

@Berto2002 there is no anomaly in the database here... the discrepancy comes from what data is retrieved from the database in the two scenarios:

a) user record -> organisations for that user

The API that retrieves the list of users (admin::userGetGroupList) will display all organisations that the user is associated with regardless of the user status (active, suspended, archived)

b) organisation record -> users assigned to that organisation

The API the retrieves the list of users (admin::groupGetUserList) will display all users that are not archived. Users that are archives are excluded from the list.

When a user is archived the organisation association record is not removed but the system will ignore this association going forward. The argument here is that admin::userGetGroupList should, potentially, not be run or ignore the association (so no data is returned, no organisations are displayed for the user) if the user is an archived user.

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1 hour ago, Berto2002 said:

should the action of changing someone from User to Basic not remove them from the association with a Team?

@Berto2002 not necessarily. The system is designed so such actions can be reversed. What the system needs to ensure is that this association for archived users is not taken into account in current functionality, which is not the case for admin::userGetGroupList

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