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Request for the ability to define "hover images" when using the links wiki-markup


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Good afternoon,

I would like to request for the ability to define a hover image when images are displayed in the IC using [[File:<image url>]]. 

I currently have 3 images that looks like below:

What would be good is to be able to specify a hover image so that when a user hovers over the "Click here" images, it displays a different version of that same image with an underline or slightly different colour.

I would envisage the hover image only being used if a File: was specified.

[[File:<image url>|Test Image URL|hoverImage:<another image url>]]



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Hi @samwoo,

I had a meeting with the team and we all reached to the same conclusion. The feature you are requesting not only is not a part of the wiki standards, but is also a very specific request that we believe it will not be beneficial to any of the other customers.

So I'm sorry but I'll have to say no to this feature request.

Hope you understand,



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