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Single Sign On Auto Provisioning (Google)


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Is it possible to get auto provisioning set up where we can use email address from Google as the Handle? We have set majority of users up via the import tool however any new staff we would like to be created based upon auto provisioning. The issue we are facing is that the auto provisioning is creating the users handle with first initial and surname which we have seen does cause errors and not allow new members to login due to existing users with the same handle. Being able to use email address would eradicate this issue and provide a unique identifier from our Google environment. 

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Hi @danec

Thanks for your post.

Something that you can do to immediately change this, is by turning off the setting shown below.  This would then allow for duplicate handles.  I don't believe that there are any issues other than in some cases where the handle is used, one may not be able to as easily distinguish between two users with the same handle.




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