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Storing and reporting on targets like Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recover Time Objective (RTO)


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I have been asked to give some advice on how we would store a recovery point objective (RPO) and/or a recovery time objective (RTO) against the service so it can be visible to people working on a request and measured as to whether we achieve it and reported upon.

Ideas so far:

  1. My immediate thought was to look at whether we could use the service levels for this but the only types of target within a service level are response and resolution; we cannot add any more to this list
  2. And then I thought of using a custom field to store this information but that presumably cannot be measured or reported against
  3. I guess the best I have thought so far is to have a specific "recovery service" which can be given a service level where we treat the response time like the RPO and the resolution time like the RTO in the workflow. And if we have a system we need to recover then we bought a ticket for that activity within this bespoke recovery service so that we can measure our performance. This seems a bit clunky.

I wonder whether anyone else had attempted to implement any other kinds of service levels like this which are not response and resolution orientated.

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Looking at the definitions there is some crossover, but particularly for the RPO this would require the ability to "backdate" the Timer which is not something we offer.

You can store Date/Time values in the database and might be able to show elapsed times in a report, possibly exporting to a CSV and using something like PowerBI would be a better fit - not really my area of expertise but it looks achievable although maybe not using the Reporting functions.

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