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Customer portal data issue using [[user.phone]] field

Adrian Simpkins

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I am working on improving our IC's for our external customer portal, and was looking to make use of the functionality where we can inject the customers name, and contact number. So I am looking ideally to be able to inject a statement like 'Hi {{user.fName}} Can you confirm your phone number is {{user.phone}}'

I have created a test contact logon for the portal, setup with contact details in the Register screen. However, when I go to inject the user.phone variable this appears to be blank, and if I then input a phone number into the alternative telephone field the number then appears correctly when testing. However the Register screen has no alternative phone number to capture - just the phone number field. But I am only seeing a value appear in the user.phone number field when I put this into the Alternative Telephone field.

So it appears that user.phone is pulling from the Alternative Telephone field, and not the Phone field where it is written to at Registration ?

Is this correct?

Many thanks


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

You've just posted in the Employee Portal forum. I'm not sure about what client are you talking about because you mentioned also external customers (contacts). Is the the Employee Portal or the Customer Portal you are talking about?

Also, are you talking about the Progressive Capture or some area?



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10 minutes ago, Adrian Simpkins said:

I have created a test contact logon for the portal, setup with contact details in the Register screen.

This is somewhat confusing.
The Register screen is for new Users - I don't see how they could be confirming their number as if they're in the process of registering you don't have one to confirm.

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Hi Daniel

I could only see Customer Portal as an option to categorise it against and couldn't see an Employee Portal option but this is for the Customer portal?

This is where an external customer would register to the Customer Portal and self register, and I am then referencing the customer data in an IC they will be offered once registered. Ideally we wanted to let a customer self register then when they need to raise a request against the offered services we want to check their contact number is correct. So it is the register screen in the Customer portal where I am referencing the Phone number that is captured at registration (hope that makes sense)


Many thanks

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