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Chat session Agent role prevented user logging into Hornbill


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One of our Service Desk agents was unable to login to our Hornbill instance this morning.

The error was related to the live chat licences, which had reached the maximum number allowed.

The user was not listed under the Live Chat 'users' (and therefore was not using a Live Chat licence)

However, the user had the 'Chat Session Agent' role assigned to them.  Once I removed the role she was then able to login to Hornbill again.

Should the chat role assigned prevent the user logging in to the instance even though they don't have a chat licence?

We often change the chat users when some agents are on A/L or off.  Do we always need to remove the Chat session agent role too?

I also removed myself from the chat users list to free up a licence (and removed my Chat session agent role) - however I seem to have reappeared in the chat users list - should this happen?

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A subscription for an application is counted as soon as any role from that application is granted to a use the application. In your case, by the user having the "Chat Session Agent' right granted, at the point that user logs in they will consume a chat agent licence.  Once the subscription level for that application has been reached, further users with rights to that application would not be able to log in.   

So yes, the "Chat Session Agent" is a right that flags a user as a LiveChat user. 


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OK.  I think I understand that.  So just to clarify - if we remove someone from the Live Chat users list we should also remove the Chat Session Agent role in their profile too?
Is it possible for the Live Chat users list to show all users with the Chat Session Agent Role?

That would be less confusing for us if someone forgets to remove the role when removing from the users list.

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Yes, as I understand when the user logs in, the system will check all the roles that they have and allocate a subscription to the application if they require it.  So even if the subscription is removed the associated roles must be removed too or the subscription will be added back next time that user logs in, or they will get an error if there are no subscriptions available.
There is a setting subscription.application.allocateOnLogin to prevent subscriptions being allocated automatically, however turning this off you will need to allocate all subscriptions manually whenever adding/removing application roles for users



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