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Using Microsoft Lists as a source?


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Currently in our organisation we use Microsoft List to manage the data around what applications we have available for our staff. The list hold information like App names, owner, approver, priority, AD group and so forth.

We are now looking to use ITOM to help us automate a lot of our application request offering, but the issue we have is that currently we have no place to store which AD group staff need to be in to give access to specific apps.

All our approved app are kept in a simple list, the value column holds the priority, approver and name.


Was wondering does anyone else have this issue and how do they get around this?

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Hi @Llyr

Thanks for your post.  Have you had a look at the Asset Management within Service Manager?  There is a class of asset for Software.  I'm just not sure how this would tie in with your goals.   I'm assuming that you are looking to use ITOM to manage the apps for these different AD Groups?  You query has been posted under the Service Manager topic, so I wasn't sure what aspects you were looking to achieve with ITOM and which ones with Service Manager. 

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I will look at the Asset Management area, if that allows for a lot of information to be stored against an application that might help.

We are planning to use ITOM to automatically put people in a specific AD group depending on the application they have chosen.


Thanks for the help.

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