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Within resolve time - not working as expected


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Doing some CSI and looking into breached target resolutions (as something doesnt feel right)





So as you can see - response met, and call is still within resolution time (6/9/22)


Here is my quick view reporting criteria



However this call appears on the view 





Any ideas? ive checked other calls, some are working as expected, others having this same issue.

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Just to get a pet peeve of mine out of the way - this is not a report!
This is a list that you have filtered, and the original list is already filtered by Hornbill's security model.

Looking at the list itself, you have filtered on Within Resolve Time and Status - neither of which are displayed in the screenshot you've posted, so I can't tell whether the Request should be there.

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Hi @danb

The  Within Resolve Time is only populated after the request has been resolved or the Resolve Timer has been stopped in the BPM.  It is mainly used for viewing and reporting on resolved and closed requests to identify which requests did and didn't meet their targets.  The value will initially be empty (NULL) prior to the service level target timer being stopped.  Once the service level target timer has stopped, it will set the value to 0 (false) if time has gone past the target, and set to 1 (true) if it is within the target.

With conditions shown in your screenshot, you are looking for requests with the status of open, new, or on-hold which doesn't really correlate with the Within Resolve Time as this is typically populated at the point of resolution and the status of the request is more likely to be Resolved or Closed. However, it could be that you are trying to view requests that were reopened and marked as not being within the resolve time when they were initially resolved.  Maybe a description of the View that you would like to have could help with which conditions would be best to use.




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