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Progressive Captures- Pre populating labels/single line text fields

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Hi All,

Once the user has been selected in the dropdown list on the progressive capture, I would like to display more information about the user, e.g. manager, cost centre etc.   is there a way of getting more information about the user to be displayed on the form?   Once this information has been retrieved, I would also like to notify the person filling the form that the manager field is empty for example, is this possible?


Thank you.


Kind Regards,



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I'm not sure what's being asked for here, are you talking about the right panel within Intelligent Capture?

If so, exactly what information are you hoping to see there?

It would not be possible to inform the person that there are missing elements in the Capture, however this should be possible from within the Business Process by using a Get Customer Details node, checking the elements you want to ensure are populated, and sending an email to the relevant User.

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Hiya Steve,


Thanks for your reply. Ideally I would like a prompt/warning box to say that the customer does not have a manager set or if that is not possible could we have it displayed in the right hand pane (manager and cost centre information is what I am after).  The scenario is that if it is a SR that requires approval from a manager or budget holder if both are not populated there is little point in submitting the form. 


Kind Regards,




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Hi @Salma Sarwar

Thanks for your post.

The Customer Search form that you are using within Intelligent Capture has a field that it titled Additional Display Fields.  When blank, a default set of information is displayed, which is what you are seeing.  By adding all the fields under the Additional Display Fields, that you would like to be displayed, should provide what you are looking for.  


I'm not sure if this will be enough for your requirement. There are no options for validating the manager and presenting a warning if it doesn't exist. 

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Hi James, 


I did try that option once I had posted, like you mentioned I don't think it is enough especially as cost centre is not an available field.  Any other ideas?  Thanks for your help.


Kind Regards,



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15 minutes ago, Salma Sarwar said:

Any other ideas?

There are 8 custom fields for a User (Attribute1-8 in the dropdown) which you can rename using translations and store additional information (such as Cost Centre) in.

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Hi @Salma Sarwar,

This might give you some ideas on how this can be achieved.

I have a dedicated ICF/PCF form for users to check their details and request for any changes - it's simple, uses Session Variables and looks like this:


On some existing ICF/PCF forms, I have added add a final node that Switches the capture to the above form, for example:


I plan on eventually having a simplified view of the logged in user details at the end of all forms advising them to log a ticket to the form related to the first image above (by including a link to it) if they see any of their details are incorrect.

So, you can use Session Variables to display logged in user information to customers and have them embedded into existing forms wherever they need to be or have a switch capture and the end that takes users to the same form, which will allow you to update once for the changes to be applied everywhere that uses it.

I don't think session variables are documented on the Wiki (I couldn't find a page), but they've been around for a while. These are the ones I know of, and there may be more.


Simply include this in field descriptions or labels. For example:
*'''Username:'''  {{user.userId}}
*'''First Name''' {{user.fName}}
*'''Last Name''' {{user.lName}}
*'''Email Address''' {{user.email}}
*'''Mobile Number''' {{user.mobile}}
*'''Job Title''' {{user.jobTitle}}
*'''Manager''' {{user.managerName}}
*'''Site''' {{user.siteName}} 

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