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Feedback Questions ordering


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Good morning,

I was wondering if someone could help shed some light on something for me regarding the Service Portfolio -> Service -> Request Type -> Feedback Questions.

If the Feedback Question order hasn't been defined (by manual drag and reorder), what is the next field that determines the ordering of the Feedback questions displayed to customers?

I am writing a report based on the feedback questions configuration...


There is h_id and h_question_id but I cannot work out which is the one to use... nor can I work out what the differences are between the two (aside from the fact they have different numbers in them for each question.

It's a shame the h_order field remains blank if you create a new question instead of getting the (max number in group) + 1.



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Hi @samwoo,

The primary record and translations are stored in the same table. h_id is the ID for the translation, and h_question_id is the ID of the question, each translation for the question will share the same question id. You may need to add "h_language='default'" to your criteria, so the report does not return duplicate records.

The order of questions displayed is by the h_order field, then its ordered by h_last_updated.



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