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Integration with Service Channel

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Hi @Andrew Tasker

Thanks for your post.

I'm assuming that this is the solution that you are referring to? https://servicechannel.com/

Both Hornbill and ServiceChannel have available APIs which could be used for integration.  Integration is somewhat of a large topic.  Is there a particular integration that you would like to achieve?  Are you looking for scheduled imports?  Would you like Hornbill to update ServiceChannel or ServiceChannel to update Hornbill?  


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Hi @Andrew Tasker,

There are few online resources which I can direct you to:


For traffic into(*) Hornbill, the topic "Web Services API" is of interest under: Advanced Integrations

For traffic to the third party: iBridge for which new candidates can be suggested via: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/139-hornbill-ibridge-integration-requests/   To aid the developers, I would suggest to include a link to the API of the third party tool (which in this case appears to be: https://developer.servicechannel.com/basics/introduction/overview/ )

(*) please note that you already have the ability to use AutoResponder to auto log/update emails please see this and related articles.

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