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Can I have a FAQ in more than one service?

Damian Roberts

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I have a FAQ which needs to be in more than one service.  I don't want to copy and paste it into multiple services.  I am not sure what this box below does.  It looks like I should be able to select more than one service, but it only allows me to select one.  How can I select more than one or do I need to copy and paste?



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This is pretty much ready to go.  The initial work has been done to focus on the Analyst Search/Browse workflow and forms the foundation of the Knowledge Management function within Service Manager.  We will build on this and expand/improve the knowledge integration in relation to the "Request Logging" both on the Portals and when an Analyst is logging a request in the usual way.  We are aiming for much tighter integration of knowledge within the call logging workflows including solution suggestions and knowledge outcomes. 

For now, here are a couple of videos to wet the appetite a little. 

Knowledge Management - Analyst experience - https://youtu.be/WE3hkujJS58
Configuring the Knowledge Management module - https://youtu.be/J-8acPNJyRo

I am chasing internally to see what else we need to do in order to release thing functionality to customers. As this is a new capability that sits along side what is already there, this will simply become available, there is no need for any kind of feature switch.   I will post here as soon as I have a confirmed release expectation. 


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