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Customer portal translations - changed one and now appears twice in the portal registration page?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I have amended the translation on the Register text when a customer is registering on the Customer portal, but it now appears twice in the field as per below screenshot? I can see 2 other translations for Register but these are elsewhere in the portal I believe.





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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

Thank you for the clarification. I can see what is the problem. The register title was designed to be short, that's why nobody ever complained about this if it just says "Register".
The problem comes when is much longer, then is very obvious that something is wrong. We use the same string in the breadcrumbs. 
I removed the string from the breadcrumbs to solve this issue. Also found a few other small issues like the style of the title was not being applied (should be a heading) and the form was not centred correctly.
Will be in our next Customer Portal build.




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