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External Authorisation Lifespan query

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Hi folks,

Fairly new to Hornbill so apologies if this is a stupid question, I did look to see if I could find answer myself but I can't.

We have Service Manager approval processes that basically send an email asking for something to be approved via External Authorisation node, if no response is received from Approver it sends another email 1 day later, it does this 3 times then expires/rejects the ticket. 

I have this set to 1 day lifespan as I said but it seems to be ignoring working time calendar business hours so the emails are getting sent on a Saturday and Sunday when our Business hours are set to Monday - Friday.  I know I could extend the lifespan to 2 or 3 days but that doesn't totally solve the issue, people will still be getting approval emails over weekends.  Is it possible to get the external approvals to follow our Business Hours? 

Any advice appreciated.


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@Damien Lynn

Unfortunately the authorisation expirary scheme here does not consider any working time calendars when determining the expiry time. Only areas in that platform where you are explicitly able to set a working time calendar use working time calendars. 


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