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LDAP user import Question.

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At the minute we user LDAP Import Utility v3.12.0 to sync our users to Hornbill for SSO. 

All working great yesterday, this morning it decided to update basic user accounts as normal but also coverted all our admin User accounts to basic. Usually it is unable to update these as it can't demote a user with tasks. I rely on it being unable to demote users with tasks but is there another way to prevent LDAP from repeating the demotion? Or a means of excluding admin users from LDAP update?


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@Paul Morrow

I think it might be worth looking at having multiple LDAP data import definitions.  Maybe one for Basic Users, one for App Users, and another for Admin users. You should be able to use the LDAP Query filters to determine which users are imported or updated for each definition.  This will also help with applying the appropriate roles and profile information to these different user types. 


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