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Tasks and Timesheets


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12 minutes ago, QEHNick said:

the ability to prompt for time spent in a Task is not reflected in a timesheet?

Because time spent in task is a task functionality which is a Core item. Timesheets are Timesheet Manager app items and they only exist when the TM app is installed in an instance. Tasks (and their time spent functionality) will exist with or without TM app. Time spent in task existed long before TM app was created.

14 minutes ago, QEHNick said:

can we somehow integrate this?

You don't integrate them, with TM App installed you would use the TM time spent functionality. Without TM app you use task time spent.

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To be honest with you, extending what @Victorhas said, they are really used for two different purposes.  Timesheets is really a generally time/work management tool, where as the "time spent" on request updates is ideal for recording billable/chargeable time, primarily because you can use the combination of the time spent field to record the time to bill, and the diary update to record the justification for the charge.   It may well be (as is often the case) you might spend quite a lot more time on something you change for, than the time you actually charge for, so time-spent-amount you want to charge the customer, time-recorded, the amount of time you spent on  that work/activity. 

hopefully that rambling makes some sense. 

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