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Setting a Priority from a Human task


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Im currently working on a way to set the priority of an Incident with the out put of a human task done by our service desk.

But once the analyst makes a choice the output doesn't change the priority of the ticket.

Here are my nodes:


the settings in the set priority node is


variable in full &[functions.getTaskParams("task-d1251df6").outcome]


what am i missing?

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The first step would be to post the Task Outcome to the Timeline and ensure it's producing a valid value for the Priority:

The outcome needs to be a Priority ID, which may or may not be the same as the Priority Name.

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Here is what gets pushed to the timeline, and the outcome is the name i would need to come through.

Do i need to check the Priority ID for the different p levels and make that the outcome?

Makes sense, i will do some digging and testing and let you know how i get on. Thanks

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