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Team Notifications for shared mailboxes


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Hi currently when setting the Team notifications to 'email', an email is sent to individuals who are members of that team when a request is assigned to their team.

Is it possible to send the 'assigned to your team' notifications to a shared mailbox rather than an individual?


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The notification will be sent to the email address connected to each User who is a member of the Team - so technically speaking if one of those Users has an email for a shared mailbox then that's where the email will be sent.

However that means that all emails sent to that User will go to the shared mailbox, so this is not a recommended setup.

Additionally, you can allow individual Users to manage their own notification preferences, and if the Team Member with the shared mailbox as an email turns this off, then the emails will never be sent.

Therefore the short answer is no, in all practical terms this cannot be done.

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6 minutes ago, Stefania Tarantino said:

send an email to the shared team mailbox

This part is possible, but

7 minutes ago, Stefania Tarantino said:

if the assigned team is changed

this part is not. The Workflow is basically sequential, you can suspend and wait for an action (e.g. Suspend->Wait for New Owner) but only if there will definitely be a change at this point.
You cannot have an external action (like assigning a User in the UI) interrupt the Workflow and perform an action in the BPM.

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