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Max Number of Chats allowed


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It would be really useful if we could specify chat availability by hour.

E.g. between 12-5 allow 3 chat sessions before the busy message is displayed, between 5-6 allow 6 sessions

It would also help us to be able to set availability weeks, there are times when we may have different operating hours in a week, so would be helpful to be able to set a Temporary availability (or calendar) for that week.


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Thanks for raising this, I guess what you require here is multiple working time calendars which each had different setting for max channels and the option to enable/disable them.  So you could define one calendar to have 3 sessions for certain hours and one to allow 6 sessions.  You could also define a temporary calendar and enable it on the weeks you have different operating hours and disable your main calendar(s), does it sound like this would meet your requirements?



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