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Routing rule templates not showing the catalog being used

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@Paul Alexander Selecting the Catalog Item and saving fixed this for me. Creating a new Template works as expected also.

I can't say for certain, as I only have one Template currently and it was created some time ago, but it's likely that the CI has at some point been deactivated.
If this is happening on one, or maybe a few, Templates this may be what is happening here, if it's the same for all of them this becomes less likely.

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@Paul Alexander We are looking into it, at present it looks like a visual issue and even with a Support Request we don't have a solution beyond re-selecting and saving.

Are the Templates working correctly apart from the CI not showing in the UI? If so I can report that it's purely a visual issue and the recommendation would be to leave them for now and we'll investigate why they're not displaying.

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