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Set default value to a custom field

Jamie A

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Hi there,

Hope you can help.

I have a human task within a BPM that has three outcomes. One of the outcomes I have a capture outcome field called Port Number. This is a single line text field and I would like to set the default value to an intelligent capture answer.

Is placing an expression possible within the default value field?

I have attempted the following but however it shows the expression as it is displayed and not the value with the custom field M. Please see below




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I think there is a misunderstanding here on how intelligent/progressive capture works and what is intended for and how business process works and what is intended for. But no, you cannot have a value captured from a (random) task in a (random) workflow to be used as a value in a (random) intelligent capture in a (random) custom form and field... the "randoms" are because for what is described here, they are exactly that: random.

Firstly, the PC is functionality that is used before a request is raised. It captures data from a user. The BP is functionality that is used after a request is raised. It automates and drives the request. Thus having "something" that we obtain in an "after" process to be used in a "previous" process is simply not possible.

Second, we can then say sure, use the data from the BP to be used in the "next" PC... ok, but what is this "next"? Out of all the definitions you have in your instance, what PC would that be? And looking from the other perspective, in PC, from what workflow we would get this BP value? Is the data gathered in workflow 1, 2 or 3? This out of all the running workflows an instance can have...

Perhaps a more practical example of how this discussion came to be might help understanding a bit better what we try to achieve here but using workflow data feeding capture data is impossible.

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Hi @Victor,

It might just be me getting confused or misunderstanding your post, but I think Jamie might be talking about the Human Tasks and pulling information from the ICF which has populated h_custom_m using the Get Request Details node into the Default Value of the Human Task.


For example, in the Business Process:

Node 1: Get Request Information -> Get Request Details

Node 2: Human Task
> Pre-populate the default value of a field in here, using customFieldM information from Node 1.   If h_custom_m is blank, then the Default Value won't be populated (and no errors will occur).


At least this is the reason I added my +1 above.

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@samwoo right, so that's fine, it is confusing if "Intelligent Capture" concept is used on human tasks, given that we have an "Intelligent Capture" engine that is designed and works completely different than tasks, even if in some part, for a user, they appear to be somewhat similar on tasks.

But yes, what you outlined above is not currently possible.

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We have a use case where we want Sdesk to validate the choice made by a user on requested software, else choose another

In the absence of being able to have a variable in the default choice of a human task we present the choice made by the user in bold text to the analyst in the human task and then give buttons to "Confirm Requested" (in which case workflow uses h_custom_m) or "Select Alternate" which gives the same drop-down and workflow ignores what the user requested and uses this new value instead.

Achieves the same as you need above I think.

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