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Mailbox sending but not receiving emails


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The mailbox associated with our Hornbill instance stopped receiving emails last week on the evening of 04/08/22.

I've raised multiple calls with support, who have suggested that it is an issue with our O365 setup. It's still not clear to us what the issue is, nor why it suddenly stopped working last week, but we suspect it may have something to do with having to move over to OAuth2 Authentication (How to configure OAuth2 Authentication for Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox integration - Hornbill).

Unfortunately our O365 environment is not configured to allow users to request app permissions as per instructions on this page - How would the Office365 administrator approve permission requests - Hornbill.

One of our O365 administrators has asked me to find out exactly what permissions are required so we can apply them manually. Support have told me they do not have these details, and I should ask on the forum instead in order to get an answer from a developer. Are you able to help?

Many Thanks

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