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Updating an asset in the BPM

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I am looking to try and setup a BPM to do the following:-

Customer selects the option to purchase a laptop which spawns an activity to review the laptop request - we then have 3 outcomes - rejected, loan laptop and perm laptop. If it is rejected we take the comments and inject this into a resolution email, if it is a loan laptop we want to capture the laptop issued and add this to the customers profile & place the request on hold until the loan period is over, and if it is a perm laptop we will either create a brand new issued asset, or reassign an existing laptop.

What i wanted to ideally be able to do is in the activity specify a laptop not yet associated to the customer / request if we issue a loan laptop(we have a stock of loan laptops that will be issued and reissued), as well as being able to update the owner if we decide on issuing an existing perm laptop. I have set a custom field to capture the date it is on loan until and this places the call on hold with no issues, but we do not appear to be able to associate the loan laptop to the request mid BPM. Same for the reallocated perm laptop. 

There is an add asset node but this appears to look for and add any asset that falls under the specified class to the customer associated to the request, but as this is a loan laptop the customer would not yet have this asset associated to the request / their profile. Same for the update asset node, this again appears to just be pulling assets already associated to the customers request / profile.

What I want to do ideally is add the asset to the customers profile and the request mid BPM from the activity - is this possible? Or would this just have to be a manual activity for our engineers in that I would just change the activity to advise them to manually open up the asset in the database and mark the  new customer as the owner?

Many thanks


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