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Report not showing all text


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On a report we have built, we have a question from a Intelligent Capture which uses a multi line text box for its free-text answer.

This question is pulled into the report, but not in its entirety. It appears each answer is only pulling 255 characters from the free-text answer into the excel download of the report. I have tried CSV and XLSX but neither provides different results.

Is there somewhere in the settings we can increase the characters allowed in a text box, and I believe Excel allows far more characters for a single cell.

Thanks in advance

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@Steve Giller @Graham Now I've remapped a lot of the custom fields for character reasons, is there a way of rejigging the report so previously logged information aligns with their new custom field and column on reports? As I've had to reuse some custom fields previously used elsewhere within the int-cap, it's showing dates in the wrong columns etc.

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