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Have been redirected here from Support, apparently this is working as designed.

If I select the option Show Service Request Items, I get no options show up, and It says no services available. Why is this not showing the Services with the drop down catalog items?

With the setting turned off


And turned on


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@will.good all questions such as "How Do I... " or "Why" regarding functionality are handled via the forums. On a closer inspection, on this occasion we must apologise as I believe we misunderstood your support request where you have highlighted a possible issue with designed functionality which is now being discussed with development. So to answer your question as to "Why is this not showing the Services with the drop down catalog items?" this does not seem to be an incorrect configuration issue, but rather a defect with the services list content (that should be displayed there) when having the "My Services" widget on a domain page. I will reactivate the support request you have raised with us and will update you with investigation outcome.

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The issue with Show Service Request Items option on My Services widget not displaying catalog items for services on a domain page on employee portal has been identified as a defect and a fix will be included in the next Core update.

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