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Date/time selector in BPM a bit inconveniently sized and located


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My analyst at SDesk has complained to me that the Date Time selector is too big and "hangs down below the bottom of the screen" of his laptop.

He reports seeing this when trying to select the date and time. There is no scroll bar and the selector is not "clever" enough to realise it has gone outside the screen area.


So he has to zoom out to 75% to get it all in and then can reach the selectors and the OK button at the bottom.


I sympathise with him. I think HB may have developed this on large monitors and may not have realised the issue when using on laptops or low resolution screens.

I would appeal for the UI team to introduce some intelligence into the pop-up so it "floats" or re-locates if it hits the bottom of the browser. Much like the Windows context menus: we expect them to appear above the cursor if we right click near the bottom of the screen. Or perhaps a scroll bar in the selector; and put the OK button at the top.

Has this changed recently? They tell me this was "working fine a week or two ago" but we haven't changed anything this end; was this updated in the release on 27/07?

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