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After an IC ends can I log a ticket in the background without it going to the new ticket portal screen?


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Each time the user opens a certain intelligent capture form I offer them a choice as to whether they need to proceed to log a ticket or not. But in the background regardless of the choice I want a ticket to be logged; but if they've selected that they don't want a ticket I need that to happen in the background and not present them with the ticket screen and ticket reference number.

What I'm trying to achieve is a ticket that tells us a ticket wasn't required: a permanent reportable record that the FAQ/suggestions we made through the IC workflow fended-off the need for a ticket that requires human interaction.

So can I log a ticket invisibly?

Or perhaps how else do I measure the effectiveness of measures within an intelligent capture form to avoid a ticket being logged?

This is the screen I do not want to appear under these circumstances but it appears to be the default. I want the user just to be diverted straight back to the (HR) portal front page.


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I do this with our instance (record a self help)

I do log a ticket though. The ticket that logs is the "used self help" and is a basic ticket with a category of self help. The summary and description just say that self help was used. We do count them but separately.


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No I don't. They can see it but I have the summary and the description saying self help was used and logged for reporting purposes.

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