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Service Linked Documents - filename not being honoured when opened/downloaded.

Martyn Houghton

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When opening/download a service linked document on the employer portal, the original document name is not being used and internal non human understandable file name is created. When doing the same on the Customer Portal this works as expected with the file downloading/opening with the correct filename.

Can the employee portal use the original filename.

Also it appears to also affect check out of files in Document Manager as well.




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I don't see this issue when downloading documents in Document Manager or the Employee Portal they seem to have the correct filenames when downloaded.  Possible there is an issue with a specific file or file type? 
The only possible issue I can see is when opening a PDF without a title it will show the URL (which will be meaningless) as the document title, to fix this you would need to add a title to the PDF, when you download it it will still be saved with its original filename even without a title?


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It looks like the pdf reader is setting the title from the URL, these URLs consist of tokens for security reasons and this has been the case for a long time on the portals and user app.  As I understand if the title is set within the PDF document (not Hornbill) then this will be displayed rather than the URL so to fix it the PDFs need to be amended to set the title. How to set the title depends on how you're creating the PDFs but if you're using Adobe it is described here:


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