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PC forms not working as expected on service portal

Paul H

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Hi Hornbill user forum,

We have created and operated a form on the user portal for a number of years now to capture new starters and their IT requirements, but this recently has stopped working.

In the user portal the customers can select the "New Starter" form and are presented with the intelligent (progressive?) capture, there are a number of pages containing multiple questions, which are dependent on the users selections, these all work fine. However when clicking the finish button, the form does not complete as expected, the finish button changes to a lighter shade of blue then does nothing, the user stays at the last page of the form.

If an analyst creates a new service request on a customers behalf in the "live.hornbill.com" and selects the "New Starter" as the service they can then proceed to fill in the intelligent capture and when clicking finish a service request following the relevant business process is created successfully.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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