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Download attachments not working correctly


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Hello Support,

when we download a word attachment it will not show it as an word document in my downloads. We have to rename it with the .docx and then it works.


What could be the problem?



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How are the attachments added?

When I add an attachment with a comma (through the attachments action) the comma is replaced with an underscore.

Are these via the Action, from the Progressive Capture, or from another source?

Is the comma a standard (ASCII 44) character or something else? (e.g. a low quotation - ASCII 130)

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Using the same file name, I have done some tests where the attachment is added from the Attachment Action on the request and from an Intelligent Capture form.  In both cases the file was downloaded with the original name.

@Nikolaj Which web browser are you using? Are you able to test uploading and downloading using a different browser than the one you normally use?  I have seen some reports on the web about Chrome having some issues with commas in file names.  Saying that, I'm using Chrome without issue.  

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From looking at the DB it appears that when this file was uploaded the comma was not encoded in the DB this will then break the download file name at that point. We can replicate this when the file attachment comes in via email (and is then attached to call.). Will get this resolved and post once fixed

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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