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Catalog items on portal/service portfolio

Amanda Durgan

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I am really confused!  One of our catlog items is no longer visible under Document Services on the employee portal.  When I checked out the config in the Service Portfolio there were no catalog items showing at all (despite 3 still showing on the portal?).  I had re-added the 'missing' catalog item and published it however it has not made any difference.  We still have 3 items showing on the portal...

I have checked all the obvious things I can think of (visibility, subscribers, availability).  Any ideas where I go next please?  Thanks.

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It's a bit tricky to answer this without some visuals of what you're seeing on the Portal, and the config of the Portfolio.

If you're OK to share those here please do, if that would expose potentially sensitive information please raise a Support Request and include a Passcode so we can take a closer look.

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