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Service Availability conundrum


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Not sure if this is the correct area for this so I'll apologise upfront.

In my "Service portfolio", when I set the "availability" setting on one of the services, it also changes on another service to exactly the same thing. If I remove it, it vanishes from the other service too.

So far I've encountered this "link" one pair of services.

I'll also add that one of the "paired" services does not appear in a widget I have created to show impacted services. So it would seem that this duplicated status is not actually set on it, just showing as is in the portfolio section.

It also does not show as "impacted" in the portfolio list, just when you go into the service.

Now I've been editing this post and going back and forth - it seems to have righted itself... How peculiar.

What could be causing this?

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