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Different way for ward users to log tickets

Jamie A

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Hi All,

We need to consider alternative approaches for how we log faults for wards.  We discussed the issues of the wards logging tickets on shared devices and the difficulties of getting in touch with the person who reported the fault but then has gone off shift.

Ideally we’d log a ticket for the ward as a general area (eg the requestor is “Alligator Ward”, not an individual), and then that area is associated with a set of users (eg all the nurses in charge + the ward manager for alligator) so they’d all get an email confirming the fault was logged and (in due course) could all go into the portal and check the status. We could associate the profile of the Alligator Ward ‘requestor’ to the nurse in charge phone number for the purposes of contact details.

Hope that makes sense!

Can you think how we can easily automate this please?

We discussed if it is possible to assign a ticket via members of a team and for that team to receive an email alert that a ticket has been raised within their ward?

Thank you



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