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API's no longer working?

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Good morning,

Earlier in the week and before, I was able to run API calls to Hornbill using Postman (for testing purposes) as well as via the Business Process using the HTTP Integration in the BPM (especially for adding a User to a Shared Asset).

Since yesterday, it has stopped working.

I have a bunch of API's in Postman that I use to sometimes check data or to test if an API will work (ie. Adding a user to a Shared Asset) but now none of them work, all of them are presenting with this message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<methodCallResult status="fail">
        <error>The XMLMC request message specifies different service than the one specified in the request URI</error>


Here is an example of one that was working before. Please note originally, the POST URI had ?method=create instead of ?op=create - this is me trying to get it working with no luck.





Body and Error - this is misleading as it still shows as Error 200 OK

Again, where it says "@op": "create",  this originally was "@method": "create", as I was trying in vain to get it working to no avail, I just didn't revert them back prior to taking the screenshots.


Please advise.

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