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Suspected minor defect: UI Stage Note anomaly; stage note width constrained half-way across the BPM editor window

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When I add a new stage note that is towards the left of the business process manager workflow user interface, it can expand quite nice and wide if my text requires it. But if I produce that Stage Note more towards the right-hand side of the canvas or move the existing one towards the right, it becomes constrained to being a narrow box and I cannot make it any wider.

Here are some graphics to illustrate it.

The full width:


And now I move that box to the right; when it gets to a certain point, it starts getting squashed and ends-up narrower:


I'm pretty sure I know what is causing this. As you move the box across to the right, it is eventually hitting an invisible wall and then starting to constrain its width. That invisible wall is the width of the browser window in which this user interface is displaying but the constraint fails to take into account that you can scroll right on the canvas. If one's browser window is set very wide, then the point at which the invisible wall kicks in is further over to the right. If one's browser window is set very narrow, then the point which the invisible wall kicks in is much further than to the left.

So there is a user interface parameter which I think is having an unintended effect on our ability to have wide stage note boxes over to the right hand side of the user interface screen. This is of course a minor and edge case, but I think it should be placed on the develop and roadmap for a fix. It's a bit similar to the issue we had where the operation to paste nodes meant they were appearing two inches to the right of the cursor position when the menu bar on the left was expanded (which is now fixed).

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