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Integration broken? (Hornbill/Admin/Create a New User)

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Good morning,

Our Tech Support team have started doing today's New Starters and are now having problems with the accounts not being created in Hornbill using the iBridge Integration - Hornbill/Admin/Create a New User.

Following on from this iBridge Integration node is the node to add the New Starter as a connection to the request... this node fails because the previous node is not creating the User accounts in Hornbill.



This Business Process hasn't been updated since early June, and this was working fine last week (which was the last time the New Starters were done).



Please can someone have a look at this please. When Tech Support are at this stage of the New Starters, I am now having to create the Hornbill accounts manually and updating the BPM's to manually select the Co-Worker instead of using the variable from the iBridge node, then restart the process to allow them to proceed.



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