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Edit Existing Request Sub-status - Translations do not save.

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When attempting to add a Translation to a Request Sub-status, they are not saved.



My also be related to our other post where the Request Type for All is not pulled through. In this case I have to set the Request Type to All on the first tab before the Save button will enable.





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I can confirm I've tested this and it is working on Build 2690, so this is possibly a caching issue.

Can you perform an Empty cache and hard refresh (Open the developer tools in your browser and right-click the refresh icon) and try again, please?


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@Martyn Houghton

Can I just check.. once you have populated the name/alt label are you clicking on the "Add Translation" button or just clicking on the save button?  Using the "Add Translation" button is working for me and adds the translation record... but the UI is possibly causing confusion as it seems you can click the save button at the bottom of the form.. this saves the status but does not add the selected translation.




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Sorry I wonder if this is yet more UI confusion :/  Once you've clicked the Add button... if you click the "View Translations" button under the label.. it should return you back to the list of translations (either that or reopen the popup form)

I've come across several of these usability type issues myself in this form.. if you can confirm if it is functionally working then we can look to improve the UI usability as soon as time allows.

Kind regards,


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