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API Scheduler - Logging Response Message

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Can we raise a request to have the option in the JSON configuration file for the API Schedule to control whether the 'Response Message' is appended into the log file as a whole, even better would be the option to specify the parameter(s) from the Response Message to insert into the log.



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We don't take formal enhancement requests for these open source scripts and tools, we do act on customer requests, but do not consider these as a formal part of our product, they do not have roadmaps and are generally worked on by individuals who contribute to these open-source projects.
We have noted your request, but have a long backlog of things to do and therefore have no specific timescales, we cannot commit any time at this moment moment. If you need this capability, there are some options.

1. You are free for fork the project from our Github and change whatever you need.
2. You can automate lots of things with ITOM if that's something you could use.

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