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I was contacted by a support representative from Hornbill advising us that we were one of the last instances still using an old version of Progressive capture and they were going to update us to a newer version.

Since that change was made we have noticed two problems with progressive capture when raising tickets from emails:

1st issue: 

Changing the summary in Progressive capture is no longer feeding through to the summary title once the ticket has been logged. In the screens that follow, the summary was changed to Office 365 issue but when logged it reverts back to the original email title which was Office 365 license:



2nd issue:

Some screenshots embedded in the body of emails are not pulling through as attachments. Here is an example where the embedded image in the email is not appearing on the attachments page 3.thumb.JPG.c484f5fab1ee9ed15edbb5c2c5854221.JPG




I would be grateful for Hornbill's assistance in resolving this. This functionality was working before the update and we have not made any changes in quite some time.



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