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Bottom scroll bar when using Database Direct

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Unless these are custom scrollbars using JavaScript + HTML + CSS, depending on the browser you are using, the width cannot be changed (for example in Edge, Chrome etc. scrollbar width cannot be changed without doing something using JavaScript)

However, there is an overflow on the main window set to auto. If setting that the hidden, the main window scrollbar will be hidden (it seems unnecessary to have it there on this page anyway). The scrollbar for the SQL results window now shows in its proper size.

With the main window overflow set to auto (as it is now) within the admin-panel-content class


With overflow set to hidden


The admin-panel-content class may be used in other parts of the Admin Tool where overflow needs to be set to auto, so this wouldn't be a simple fix if that's the case.

But if these scrollbars are custom, then +1 too!

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Thanks everyone for your posts.  This had been pointed out on another post.  I've just had a look and it does appear that the height of the horizontal scroll is now a little bigger.  I believe that the horizontal scroll that goes the full width of the page still needs to be looked at as I don't think it is necessary.

In the meantime, as long as the mouse pointer is within the data list, you can use the mouse wheel to vertically scroll, and the Shift+mouse wheel to horizontally scroll. 

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