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Employee Portal Searching - AND instead of OR?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Is there a way of changing the search option in the Employee Portal search to include ALL terms entered?

For instance, one of my customers was trying to find how to log an 'email change' request, but entering the words 'email' and 'change' brought up everything with 'email' in the title or summary, AND everything with 'change' in.

Regardless of whether the phrase was enclosed in quotes or not, we always come up with the same number of hits - it'd be useful if there was a way to do an 'or' search and an 'and' search I think. Is there a way of doing this please?



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Hi @Paul Alexander

the search terms are always put in OR condition and there is not a way of using AND .
Nonetheless the search results are ordered by number of matches, so for example the results where the match has been found 2 times will be displayed above the ones where the match has been found 1 time.




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