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Moving our 'stuff' from the portal Home into IT Domain; implications


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When we implemented our system, we built our support page on the portal home: https://live.hornbill.com/xxx/internal/home/.

We are now considering expanding the use of the service manager product to include HR and we would do that within the HR domain. However, this raises the prospect that we should move all our existing IT content into the IT domain.

Our new homepage would be much simplified, giving people bulletins and access to their existing requests, but asking them to go to the respective domains to obtain new support.

I would welcome any comments, hints or warnings about making this move such as:

  1. is there a way to copy or move/migrate all the content into the new domain or do I have to manually rebuild it as a copy (and then, presumably deconstruct the home as I want it)?
  2. Will this break anything?
  3. are there pros and cons to this approach?
  4. Are there ways to build this in test and use it to check it works. Or does it all come down to simply whether I press the publish button or not?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Hi @Berto2002,

We have done this, we initially had one domain which was IT. But now we've onboarded our Facilities team and our Operational Technology team, the latter we're in the midst of at present, this is a challenge we faced. 

We set the services in the portfolio to their corresponding domain. You will need to include the different types of service domain in your BPMs so that when it comes to reporting you can accurately report the data, of IT and HR. We used a custom field, I think Custom Field L to separate reporting. 

Our Employee Portal home page looks as follows:



It is then possible to click on the links and of either IT operations and Facilities and then direct your customers to that location. Again I believe it is possible to set visibility of the above until you're ready in regards to employee portal. So you'd have a link similar to this: live.hornbill.com/instancename/internal/catalog/nameofdomain


It took us a little while separating out our different service domains data and believe we are getting there. Certainly some recent changes to Hornbill, have made this a little easier now than when we first attempted this.


I hope this information helps.



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