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Progressive Capture - Access Granted to

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We are just looking at the possibility of restricting our Progressive Captures and Business Process to certain admins. 

We've created a new role (as it would be easier to drop people in and out) but it's not allowing us to select this role from the Role drop down list.  




We've tried to use the 'Group' option and select the relevant department however when we go back into the PC it's loosing the settings.

I don't really want to have to add each individual as it makes the future management of it a lot harder.  Can someone please let me know where we might be going wrong or how they've managed to do it.



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Hi ya
I tried this too but doesn't seem to work with a group. I think Support looked at it and said there was a fault.
The support call I raised was closed with "Request has been closed with the category 'Customer Support>Hornbill>Defect'"


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Hi @Tina.Lapere,

That access list runs off assignment roles (which is a bit misleading as the form says access, implying security roles). If you create your role as an assignment role then when viewing the IC admin table list only the owner and the users in that role should be able to see it.


access role.PNG

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The issue with the IC not saving access permission when using "group" option is fixed in core UI build 1699 and onwards. Hopefully should see that get pushed out in the next week or two depending on other changes/fixes that need to go into the next build.


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Hi @Tina.Lapere

When you say "unavailable in the list", is their list completely empty or is it that this one Intelligent Capture is not being displayed, but others are?  I'm having a look at some of the provided roles for accessing Intelligent Capture and I'm thinking that it might be related to the user not being assigned to one of these roles.  

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