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Override option based on email address or 'home org' in Intelligent Capture

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Is there a way of only showing a question in an IC form based on the customers' email address (or home organisation)?

We have a form which needs to ask a question ONLY if the customer is in a particular part of our business, so they can be identified by their different email address.

I can't see a way to do this...the session variables don't have an email option, and, if I add a 'co-worker search' node in, although it gives me the option of seeing what the users' email address is (I've output this to a label on the form so I know it's being picked up) but the override option just isn't working...




Any ideas please?

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The only filter we have in place is portals/service desk.

I have not tried this but our User ID and Login ID are our user's email address so theoretically this would work. I'm guessing neither of those fields are the email address at your place?


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Hi @Paul Alexander

I would like to understand a little more about who's email you are trying to get a hold of.

The session variables will refer to the person that is raising the request.  Are you wanting to get the email address of the person raising the request, or the customer that you are raising it for?

The Co-worker Search options that you see are a result of the search form where you select the customer.  If you are looking to limit questions based on the Co-worker Search->h_email then I can test to confirm if this is working as expected.

I'm not aware of any issues with overrides in the IC.  A couple of recent questions around AND and OR logic, but no issues.  When you say it isn't working, is it not showing when it should, or is it always showing?

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HI @James Ainsworth

I 'm going to blame the weather for this :)

We're after the customer's email address and I've got it working now thanks. 

I was getting frustrated because the IC kept asking me to enter the customer twice - and this morning I realised that I was using a Customer Search form in the original 'log a request' IC, but a Co-Worker Search form in the second one (I had to have this in the second IC to be able to pick up the email). 

Sorry for any confusion.....delete this post :D


thanks for the help


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