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Request Sub-Status - Unable to set date/time


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Afternoon All,

I have been trying to create an Awaiting Customer sub-status that allows the setting of a Pause Until date/time. The creation form is very basic and seems to be missing the ability activate the feature:


Looking in the Database, there seems to be a value that can be set called h_pause_indef that has a boolean value, I assume that this triggers whether or not a date/time selector is visible. 

How would I activate this form element to set the value?



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Hi @Osman

Thanks for posting.  You are quite right about the underlying db field... unfortunately there is currently an issue whereby the toggle for controlling this via the form is not being displayed.  We already have a fix going through our QA process now and it will be corrected in the next update of Service Manager which is scheduled to be next week.

Kind Regards,


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